My main hobby is performing the Korean martial art Taekwondo. I am a 3rd Dan degree black belt and have been appointed the instructor of the SMHI-IF self-defence club since November 2012. I have been also acting as the instructor for SMHI’s boxing club since January 2015. In addition, I had been appointed as the team captain and assistant instructor at Imperial College Union Taekwondo Club (2006-2009) and Victoria University of Wellington Taekwondo Club (2009-2011).

Other interests include Aikido, Kung Fu, boxing, football, volleyball, swimming, squash, running, basketball, table tennis  salsa and Greek traditional dancing. Finally, I have been studying traditional Greek Byzantine music between 2006 and 2009.


TKD Achievements

  • 2011: North Island Development Taekwondo tournament 1st Place
  • 2011: New Zealand Open Taekwondo tournament 2nd Place
  • 2010: North Island Development Taekwondo tournament 2nd Place
  • 2010: Wellington Region Taekwondo Championships 1st Place
  • 2007: IDEA League Taekwondo Championships 1st Place
  • 2006: British Student Taekwondo Federation National Student Championships 3rd Place 
  • 2006: London Capital Taekwondo Cup 2nd Place
  • 2004: Greek National Student Taekwondo Championships 2nd Place
  • 1998: Greek National Taekwondo Championships 3rd Place


TKD Photogallery