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Isn't it fascinating to know the path that all water follows as it moves around Earth in different states? 

Environmental disturbances, population pressure, economic globalisation and climate change do not only dictate a more sustainable use of the limited water resources, but also require improved protection against water-driven hazards at the societal level.

With the help of this blog, I share my passion and knowledge - on understanding hazards and hydrology in many different aspects from physical modelling to decision-making - with (early career) researchers, service providers, policy-makers and the general public near and far. 

I write about my work, the scientific insights and technological developments and how I perceive them, that aim to provide to society the relevant knowledge, information and services that could drive decision- and policy-making at national, European and global scales. 

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About me

My name is Ilias Pechlivanidis, an Associate Professor and senior researcher, service developer and hydrology enthusiast.

I work on water-related challenges, exploring strategies for improving the understanding of environmental systems, including the hydro-meteorologic prognosis at different time horizons. I am driven by a multi-faced expertise, based on the deep understanding of the interplay between in-situ and earth observations, climate, hydrology, data analysis, modelling, user needs and engagement, and decision- and policy-making.

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