Novel data sources

that combine satellite, unmanned aerial vehicles, and crowdsourced-based data covering a range of spatial / temporal scales and resolutions.

Funded projects

EU Horizon 2020 

2019-2022 "PrimeWater: Delivering advanced predictive tools from medium to seasonal range for water dependent industries exploiting the cross-cutting potential for EO and hydro-ecological modelling", (nr 870497), 2 M Euros, 10 partners (PI) 

2019-2022 "HYPOS: Hydro-Power-Suite", (nr 870504), 2 M Euros, 5 partners (co-PI) 

2019-2023 "E-SHAPE Showcases: Applications powered by Europe", (nr 820852), 15 M Euros, 55 partners (PI) 

2016-2018 "Space-O: Space assisted water quality forecasting platform for optimized decision making in water supply services", (nr 603663), 2 M Euros, 8 partners (PI) 

Recommended references

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Nijzink R.C., Almeida S., Pechlivanidis I.G., Capell R., Gustafsson D., Arheimer B., Parajka J., Freer J., Han D., Wagener T., Nooijen R.R.P., Savenije H.H.G., Hrachowitz M., 2018, 'Constraining conceptual hydrological models with multiple information sources' Water Resources Research, 54 (10),

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