Ilias Pechlivanidis

Working on water science and innovation and putting them into practice


During the work hours, you can find me in different roles as:

My work focuses on hydrometeorological forecasting, environmental change impacts, science communication, cross-cutting applications of earth observations, early warning and user-tailored water and climate services. I have been leading tasks in co-creating operational early warning systems and hydro-climate services over Europe and the globe.

In particular, topics of interests are:

  • Hydrological forecasting at different spatiotemporal scales (from catchment to continental/global scales, and from short to decadal time horizons)
  • Seamless and Impact-based (user-tailored) forecasting
  • Communication of forecast - User engagement and understanding of user needs
  • Assimilation of Earth Observation and in-situ data in hydrological services
  • Climate services - Improved prediction of extremes
  • Process understanding of hydrological systems and modelling under uncertainty
  • Prediction in ungauged / non-stationary catchments
  • Impacts of environmental change (land use, climate and population) on water resources
  • Water resources management and societal adaptation

If you are interested further, click on the link below to download my CV.

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