My Research

covers different fields of water science and innovation with the objective to put new knowledge into practice. Hence my work provides to society the relevant understanding and tools to improve decision- and policy-making around the globe.

AI / ML tools

that predict floods and droughts, monitor water quality, improve process understanding, and help attributing the extremes to climate change.

Climate change

that alters the trends in hydro-climatic extremes between regions, yet the projected uncertainty being a key characteristic to quantify and reduce.

Climate services

of the next-generation following a human-centred, social & behaviourally informed approach, and integrating local data and knowledge.

Early warnings

to enhance Disaster risk management; Observation, monitor & forecasting;  Preparedness & anticipation; Dissemination and communication.

Novel data

that combine satellite, unmanned aerial vehicles, and crowdsourced-based data covering a range of spatial / temporal scales and resolutions.


that characterize the information contained in the data and in the models, and point toward the aspects of the model that need improvement.

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