Climate and water services

of the next-generation following a human-centred, social & behaviourally informed approach, and integrating local data and knowledge.

Funded projects

EU Horizon 2020

2021-2025 "I-CISK: Innovating climate services through integrating scientific and local knowledge", 5 M Euros, 13 partners (Principal Investigator, PI)

2021-2025 "CLINT: Climate Intelligence: extreme events detection, attribution and adaptation design using machine learning", (nr 101003876), 6 M Euros, 15 partners (PI)

2017-2020 "S2S4E: Sub-seasonal to Seasonal climate forecasting for Energy", (nr 776786), 4.8 M Euro, 12 partners (PI)

2017-2020 "CLARA: Climate forecast enabled knowledge services", (nr 730482), 4 M Euros, 10 partners (co-PI)

Copernicus Programme Emergency Management Service (CEMS)

2018-2021 "WaterSIS- operational", (nr C3S_424), 2 M Euros, SMHI as Contractor (co-PI)

2019-2020 "Demonstrating the potential of the Copernicus Climate Data Store for Kenyan smallholder farmers: a scalable adaptation services approach" (nr C3S_429_Lot1), 75,000 Euros, SMHI as sub-contractor, (co-PI)

2017-2019 "GLORIOUS: Global users in the Copernicus Climate Change Service", (nr C3S_422_Lot1), 2 M Euros, SMHI as Contractor (co-PI)

2015-2017 "SWICCA: Service for water indicators in climate change adaptation", (nr C3S_441_Lot1), 2 M Euros, SMHI as Contractor (co-PI)

Swedish Energimyn-digheten

2021-2024 "The role of hydropower as a regulatory resource in a renewable energy system with climate impact and increased internationalization of electricity markets", (nr 52095-1), 400 K Euros, 3 partners (PI)

2018-2021 "Long-term forecasts of wind and hydropower supply in a fluctuating climate - Importance for production planning and investments in energy storage and power transmission", (nr 46412-1), 400 K Euros, 3 partners (SMHI's Project Manager)


2013-2016 "EUPORIAS - EUropean Provision Of Regional Impact Assessment on a Seasonal to decadal timescale", (nr 308291), 9 M Euros, 24 partners (SMHI's Project Manager)

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