Towards Docentship at Uppsala University


This is a special blog for me! 

Today I felt honoured and humbled to receive the title of Docent (Associate Professor) in Geosciences with a focus on Environmental Analysis at Uppsala University.

If you are wondering what Docent is, then kindly check: 

This promotion is dedicated to my family, friends, and colleagues around the world, especially at SMHI and at the Department of Earth Sciences at UU!  

This pedagogic trial lecture focused on the following topics:

Understanding the water cycle 

  • Global societal and environmental challenges 
  • The water cycle - Introduction 
  • Modelling the water cycle - Modelling at the large scale 
  • Data types - Monitoring the Earth

State-of-the-art hydro- & climate- services 

  • Forecasting, prediction & projection - Introduction 
  • Emergency management services 
  • Climate change services

The presentation can be downloaded BELOW.

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