The upcoming HEPEX workshop - "Forecasting across spatial scales and time horizons"


It has been a great pleasure to co-organize and host the HEPEX 2023 workshop on "Forecasting across spatial scales and time horizons". This 2-day meeting is taking place on September 13-15th at the SMHI headquarters in Norrköping, Sweden.

In total, 4 keynote talks are scheduled to highlight the state-of-the-art knowledge in hydro-meteorological forecasting, while more than 50 experts are attending in person, and many others online, to share their insights in topics such as:

  1. Advancing forecasting of extremes (e. g. floods and droughts) and their impacts
  2. Towards seamless predictions across time and space
  3. Communicating hydro-meteorological forecasts in water management and risk-based decision making
  4. Defining user needs of S2S forecasts (hydro-power, groundwater, agriculture, food security, insurance companies, health, safety-risk reduction)
  5. Statistical, dynamical, machine-learning and hybrid systems for predicting S2S hydro-meteorological variables
  6. Examples of hydro-climate services and early warning services for disaster risk reduction and management of resources
  7. Forecasting within socio-hydrology

Follow the HEPEX website for details on the programme, speakers etc.

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